I'm Rosie's Dad (on the power of video)

I'm at a conference in Las Vegas visiting with the HP workstation group. Great folks, nice hotel, fun meetings, Cirque de Soleil tonight. So all the workstation VPs make their sweep of the dining room last night, saying hello, getting some face time with the various press folks. Some kind of know me; I've reviewed plenty of HP workstations and have been to several events. But you can tell from the looks on their faces that they just can't place me. So I say, "Jan Ozer, Streaming Media Magazine," and they say, "of course," but the look stays in their eyes.

Then I say, "I'm Rosie's dad," and their eyes immediately light up in recognition, and they smile and say, "yes, of course, Rosie's really going to love playing with the workstation that we'll be showing you tomorrow."

See, about three years ago, HP sent me their new Z800 with claims that it was incredibly serviceable, and easy for techs to take apart and put together. So I shot a video of my daughter, Rose, taking the computer apart and putting it back together, and put it on YouTube. HP liked it so much they had Rose, then 9, sign a permissions slip so they could use the video in their marketing and sales efforts. Rose almost burst out of her skin signing that form, she was so proud.

Last time I went to Fort Collins, the home of the workstation group, it was clear that Rosie was a local hero. And apparently still is. And I know she's looking forward to playing with the new workstation, even though I don't (quite) know what it is. More later on that.

Signing off for now, I'm (proudly) Rosie's Dad

(Click here to learn about the new HP workstation, the Z1)

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