HP Releases New Z1

On January 6, 2014, HP announced a new version of their Z1 all-in-one workstation. I love the first version because it's beautiful, powerful and field upgradeable; but it lacked high-speed external connectivity, so your capture options for live production were limited. You can see my experience with the unit here and my colleague Tim Siglin's review of the Z1 here.

For version 2, in addition to adding a touchscreen option, HP also added Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, which opens up a range of capture options. Rather than tell you about the unit, I'll show you with a YouTube video of product manager Mike Diehl showing off the system. Click here for more information about the Z1 G2.

Rosie and the Z1

This is a fun video of my daugher Rose taking the G1 Z1 apart and putting it back together blindfolded.

Rosie and the Z800

This is a video of Rose (at 8) taking a Z800 apart and then putting it back together. This video, in particular, made Rosie a legend at HP's Fort Collins workstation facility.

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