How to Keep Enterprise Video Safe and Secure…Most of the Time

You’re the tech guy or gal for a medium-sized company, and the CEO just told you she wants to start using an online video platform to distribute video around the enterprise. Live all-hands-on-deck meetings, converted to VOD for those who can’t make it live, plus product demos, some training, a few marketing videos—you know the drill. She finishes by saying, “And I want it secure.” You nod your head in agreement as she walks off, and then you wonder, “What the heck does that mean?” Well, let’s talk about that.

There's a lot of uncertainty about digital rights management (DRM) technology, both how it works, and how effective it can be. In this column, I explore the multiple methodsOpen to enterprises and premium content producers. I pose it in the context of a CEO query; here's the opening paragraph.

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