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My latest column at Streaming Media Magazine.

Here’s the teaser:

HTML5 video appeals to “tree-hugging, sandal-wearing standards lovers,” says Jan Ozer, and he’s sick of hearing about it.

Here’s the lead:

I was speaking recently with a new consulting client from the U.K. It was a typical job: The client was starting a video-centric instructional site and wanted help configuring his H.264 presets. We chatted for a bit, and then he told me that the folks building the site recommended an HTML5 player with Flash fallback. I responded, “That’s like teaching your kids German first and then English, just in case the kid they meet at lunch doesn’t speak German.”

He asked what I meant and I explained. Only about half of all browsers are HTML5-compatible at this point, and the largest share—Firefox and soon Chrome—don’t or won’t play H.264 video. In fact, only about 10% of all browsers (Internet Explorer 9 and Safari) will play H.264 in the short term to midterm. So your primary player will address about 10% of the users, while your fall-back player will address the other 90%. 

For the rest, click here (it’s a fun one).