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I use UGC site Vimeo to host the videos on, because it’s inexpensive and does a great job with my screencam-based tutorials and my videos play on computers and Apple devices. Using a UGC site to host the videos on your site is a great option for lots of small websites, but which UGC site is best?

I explore that issue in Choosing a UGC Site at Here’s the teaser intro:

There are two reasons to post videos to a user generated content (UGC) site; first, to reach the constituency of members, second to use the platform to post videos on your own website. … The focus of this article is the second reason, choosing the best site for embedding videos into your own web site.

To accomplish this I looked at six different options, five UGC sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, DailyMotion, and Metacafe), and VideoPress, which is the fee-based video publishing option available to WordPress users. True, VideoPress doesn’t really fit in because it’s a paid service, but it’s so cheap, and WordPress blogs so ubiquitous, that when the opportunity to have a look fell into my lap, I couldn’t resist. By the way, we were going to look at, but the 100 MB upload limit was too low for three of our five test files.

All reviews include embedded test videos as produced by the sites themselves. If you’re searching for a UGC site to use as a platform for your own website, check it out.