Buyer’s Guide to Live Video Encoders 2015

My article, a Buyer’s Guide to Live Video Encoders 2015, just appeared on Here's the intro graph that covers what's covered. 

Congratulations, you’re buying a live encoder. In 2014, Ooyala released survey results showing that live videos are watched, on average, 11 times longer than VOD videos. So taking your presentation, webinar, or other production live is a great move, and if you’ve just started shopping for an encoder, you’re in the right place. After setting out some basics, I’ll run through the questions that you should ask when shopping for an encoder in 2015. Along the way, I’ll identify the major categories of products you should be considering and discuss some features you should use to differentiate products within each category.

If you're looking to go live in 2015, you may find this article helpful. Click here to jump to it. 

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