Audio Cleanup with iZotope RX 3 (compared to Adobe Audition)

Audio problems are a fact of life for video producers, and I'm always in the hunt for the best tool possible. After comparing iZotope RX 3 vs. Audition, I concluded that iZotope is better for both pop and click removal and noise reduction.

You can see screens and hear audio comparisons for declipping and crackle-and-pop removal, here. You can see screens and hear audio comparisons for noise and reverb/echo reduction, here. Here's a tutorial that illustrates how the programs compare with noise reduction, best experienced with headphones.

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Said this on 12/28/2015 At 11:37 pm

My problem is overload distortion of music CD tracks that I ripped to uncompressed WAV files. My friend built this very high res sound system that rewards with stuning realism when playing quality recordings, but punishes with horrible sound with poor ones. These recordings are mostly pop and soundtrack music from the 60s. Cedar Audio's DeClip is probably the best of its kind, though very unaffordable So is it Izotope's latest RX5 (standard or advanced) that beats Adobe Audition at distortion removal, or vice versa?

Said this on 12/30/2015 At 06:34 am

Thanks for your note; unfortunately, these are tests that I haven't run so I can't help.


Jan Ozer

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