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Newletter March 27, 2017. HEVC Losing Share; Standards Failing the Streaming Industry; V-Nova Update; Dolby and HLS

  Here's what's new. First, an essay entitled Standards are Failing the Streaming Industry, explores how MPEG's inability to set unified pricing is hindering the utilization of HEVC, and will likely stall the deployment of DASH (read this article to learn about DASH royalties). The essay also talks about the Nokia vs. Apple lawsuit, which could boost royalties on ...Read more

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HEVC Loses Share According to Encoding.com Report

For three years, encoding.com has issued an annual report about the video files that it produces for its 3,000+ customers. For me, it's a reality check on which formats are doing well, and which are flailing. The most recent report, which you can download here, includes the following key insights. HEVC is losing share (from 6% ...Read more

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V-Nova Vibrant as They Approach 2 Years in the Spotlight

V-Nova launched their PERSEUS codec on April 1, 2015, an inauspicious day, particularly for a codec vendor making claims like, "offering UHD quality at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at audio bitrates." That day, I was on a thread that proposed alternative headlines; my favorite, which was not penned by me, was, ...Read more

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Standards are Failing the Streaming Industry

Imagine you’re walking through Heathrow Airport terminal, shopping for tchotchkes to bring home to spouse and children. You spot a handsome Cambridge sweatshirt, give it a quick rub and squeeze, and it feels great. What do you check next? For me, it's price, because if it’s £30, it’s coming home, but if it’s £60, I’m ...Read more

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Forum Presentation: Royalties on H264, HEVC, and DASH

I gave a recent talk on royalties at the Streaming Forum, entitled HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-DASH Royalty Update. Here's the description. Ten years ago, to stream video, you needed to know how to encode to H.264 and configure Flash. Now you have to be a patent lawyer. The end of 2016 was brutal from a ...Read more

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Download Handout from Rating HEVC Contenders

Below is the handout from my presentation at the Streaming Forum entitled, HEVC: Rating the Contenders Operators adding HEVC to their delivery pipeline will have plenty of codec options, but who has the time to evaluate their features, output quality, and performance? No worries – codec specialist Jan Ozer has done the work for you, ...Read more

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