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By | 2009-11-15T00:00:00+00:00 November 15th, 2009|Articles|Comments Off on Sorenson Squeeze 6 and VP6 Encoding

Just a quick note about Sorenson Squeeze 6. I was testing for an upcoming review in my Affordable HD column for Millimeter Magazine and encountered a very serious bug relating to producing in VP6 format. Specifically, in my tests, Squeeze 6 couldn’t come anywhere close to my target data rates. For example, when I encoded a file at 500 kbps, the lowest data rate that I could achieve was about 3 mbps. This basically makes the program unusable for most VP6 production.

I pinged Sorenson, who reported that the bug had creeped into a late stage release candidate and just hadn’t been caught, but should be resolved with a maintenance release in the next couple of weeks. Otherwise, in my preliminary testing, I saw no other major issues. The review will appear on the Millimeter web site early next week.

In the short term,  if you’re buying Squeeze 6 for most VP6 encoding operations, you should wait until the bug is fixed. I’m sure I’ll get a patch as soon as it’s available and I’ll test and confirm when the problem is resolved.