Reflections from StreamingMedia West

I’m on the flight home from StreamingMedia West in San Jose. Like all conferences, the week involved countless meetings, multiple seminars, way too many calories and a number of strong impressions that I thought I would share.

First, it was a very high energy, positive trade show. No doom and gloom, all booths were filled, isles crowed, prospects enthusiastic, exhibitors happy, just a very good show. The streaming media market is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Second, the show was held jointly with KM World (Knowledge Management) as before, but also the first Online Video Platform (OVP) Summit. OVPs are Software as a Service companies that offer a range of streaming related services. You upload your video files to them, or send them your live video streams, and they provide a customizable player you can embed in your website, a content management system for your uploaded videos, distribution via content delivery networks and lots of back end analytics.

OVPs dramatically reduce the CAPEX and IT investment necessary to add video streaming to your web site. This shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Services provided by the typical OVP.

Basically, for a low monthly fee, plus bandwidth costs, OVPs replace virtually all the infrastructure requirements and skill sets necessary to stream video. If you know how to upload video to YouTube, you can add a branded video player to your web site, plus benefit from an online content management system, CDN distribution and detailed player analytics.

From where I sit, OVPs seem like a natural for all but the largest corporations and media companies. This is particularly true given the feature sets now being added to most OVPs, which I’ll discuss next. If you're not familiar with OVPs, check out Choosing an Online Video Platform, here.

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