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Click here to watch the video describing this analysis.

Overview:  McKinsey & Company is a leading international consulting firm who publishes the McKinsey Quarterly. McKinsey recently started posting video interviews on their web site. In this issue of Peer Review, we analyze video from the McKinsey Quarterly web site, specifically an interview with Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist. As of the time of this writing, you could view the video here:

The producers of this video did a lot right throughout, most impressively with the Flash Player, which provides text preview of relevant sections, allowing viewers direct access to the sections most important to them. On the other hand, McKinsey made some interesting choices throughout the work flow that other producers may not care to follow. Overall, according to our rating system, the video scored a 33 out of 45.

By way of background, I captured the FLV file containing the McKinsey video using a Firefox utility called Download Helper, and then analyzed the file in a number of programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Inlet Semaphore and Jerome Martinez’s MediaInfo. You’ll see images from these applications scattered throughout the analysis.

 Rating (out of 5)
 Clothing 4 Clothing 5
 Lighting/exposure 3 Camera 3 Audio 4 Editing 3 Pre-processing 3 Encoding 3 Player 5  33/45
Note that McKinsey declined to be interviewed for this article.


#1Frank MariSaid this on 04/01/2009 At 07:58 amGreat job! These are the kinds of articles I really enjoy reading. A constructive breakdown, if you will, of a real video used in a real on-line situation. We can all learn from this no matter how long we've been in the business! Great educational value!#2Jan OzerSaid this on 04/01/2009 At 08:21 pmFrank:

Thanks for taking the time to weigh in, I really appreciate your comments. Look for more, hopefully in the short term.