H.264 for the Newbie

A comment on one of my posts inspired this collection of H.264 resources for the Newbie. If you learn best by reading, check out Producing H.264 Video for Flash: An Overview, which is a general article that covers why H.264 is the "it" codec and the most important encoding parameters.

If you learn best by watching, check out the video tutorial Understanding the critical H.264 encoding options, which, strangely enough, covers H.264's critical encoding options. Once you understand the basics, you can watch separate H.264 encoding tutorials for Apple Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze, Adobe Media Encoder and Telestream Episode Pro.

Now that you're ready to start pumping out H.264 video, you should get a reality check by reading H.264 Royalties, What You Need to Know. Finally, for a more general overview of H.264, check out the resources mentioned at So You Want to Get to Know H.264.

Class dismissed, go produce some video.


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