Encoding for Upload to UGC Sites

This is a very basic video tutorial for newbies that details how to encode for upload to UGC sites like YouTube or Vimeo. It's published on OnlineVideo.net, and I've embedded their player below.

Again, it's very basic, but if you've been looking for help getting started in streaming video, you might find it useful.

It's produced at 1280x720, so it should look great in full screen mode.


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Said this on 03/18/2011 At 03:56 pm

Very good beginner info!

Said this on 03/19/2011 At 06:24 am
Thanks, glad you found it useful. Thanks for taking the time to write.

Said this on 06/19/2011 At 05:40 pm

Good advice!

With some OVP's though if you encode into the native streaming format of the platform(usually .flv or .wmv) your videos may get directly published at 10-15mbps. In that case it would be good idea to use another format if you with to use the platform's transcoding services... or move to your production encoding article :)

Said this on 09/27/2013 At 04:01 pm
I have a Sony MiniDV camcorder with Firewire or USB ouuptt. I'd like to stream this video live using a live streaming website such as livestream.com without having to hook up the camera to a computer. In other words, is there an appliance like the Slingbox that can take video from the camcorder, connect to the internet and directly stream it out or stream it through one of the live streaming sites?
Said this on 09/16/2015 At 05:38 am

I feel there may possibly become a couple of duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful listing! I've tweeted this. Numerous thanks for sharing!... 

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