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By | 2017-02-23T00:56:11+00:00 April 3rd, 2009|Articles|Comments Off on Download free streaming media primer here is pleased to offer for free download a streaming media primer written by Jan Ozer.

The primer starts by defining commonly used streaming terms like bandwidth, streaming and data rate, and then explains universal encoding parameters like VBR and I, B and P-frames. Then it introduces readers to the big three codecs, H.264, VP6 and VC-1, and briefly compares and contrasts Flash and Silverlight. The primer finishes with a section on how to choose common encoding parameters like data rate and resolution.

The primer is an amalgam of materials already available on, along with new content, in a compact, more convenient form for downloading, printing and sharing. The primer is freely downloadable and fully printable.


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#2CharlieSaid this on 01/24/2010 At 12:04 pm

Awesome primer. Thanks for writing it. Very well written!

#3Tim JohnsonSaid this on 04/28/2010 At 05:04 pm

Excellent paper.  Many, many thanks!

#4JanSaid this on 04/30/2010 At 09:00 amIn reply to #3Glad you found it useful; thanks for sharing.

Jan#5Jorgen SchweizSaid this on 01/03/2012 At 07:25 am

Relly well written. Finally I understand key frames, keep ud the good work.

#6JanSaid this on 01/03/2012 At 09:45 amIn reply to #5Glad you found it helpful, thanks for taking the time to write in.