Don't Preview Encoded files in QuickTime Pro on Windows

I recently was producing some files for a client in Sorenson Squeeze, and saw some funky differences in exposure and contrast when previewing my work in QuickTime Player and other players. I produced this file at 1280x720, so feel free to zoom out to full screen to watch this video.

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Kristian Carey
Said this on 11/22/2010 At 04:33 pm

My solution has always been to change the transparency mode of the file to 'Straight Alpha' - it's a closer match.

Or like you said - avoid QT all together :)


Said this on 11/22/2010 At 05:45 pm

Hey Kristian;

Thanks for your note - good one. That works, of course, but you need quicktime pro on the system, and I only have that on my Macs. You also have to save the file to see the difference, which in the case of the iterative Squeeze Preview, is a real workflow hiccup.

(good description of the technique here:

At least on Windows (where the problem seems worse), it's easier to avoid QuickTime Player. The primary reason that I wrote this, though, is because you can drive yourself nuts if you don't know there's a problem. I didn't for awhile.

Thanks again for your note!


Said this on 11/30/2010 At 10:06 am

To me Squeeze always tend to saturate colors and contrast for more appealing look.

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