Case Study - Producing Video Case Studies

Firewall vendor WatchGuard Technologies uses video aggressively in their marketing efforts, and produces some of the most focused and highest quality case studies that I've seen, though the presentation of these videos on their web site could definitely be improved. In this "peer review" video, I review their case study of the Burlington Public Library, which you can watch here on YouTube.

I detail what the producers of the video did right production-wise, and what went wrong on their web site. I hope you find it useful.

How to Create a Great Video Case Study

To read an interview with the producers of the WatcGuard case study video, click here. Also, in Producing Video Case Studies, I summarized the techniques to emulate and mistakes to avoid in the case studies that I reviewed to identify the WatchGuard case study for this peer review. 

This is embedded using Sorenson 360 to see if it's iPad compatible.

WatchGuard Peer Review

How to Create a Great Video Case Study

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